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SimpleX vs Session

You can subscribe to new content via by Session messenger, our public SimpleX group, follow on Nostr, our XMPP Channel, or enter your email below. The email list uses open source software on our dedicated server and we promise you will not be spammed. We also have 2 RSS feeds, one for video only so you can add it to the AntennaPod app on F-Droid and stream videos directly in the podcast app. And another RSS feed for just articles. We also have an Ethereum Push notification channel, so you can get new content sent to your Ethereum wallet. Please share this with your friends so both ends of your conversations are secure. We need your help, as big tech will censor us from traditional search results and allow digital freedom to die.

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    1. Session has a bug that causes messages to occasionally not be delivered (lost messages) in Closed Groups. This bug has been ongoing for years already. For this reason, one group that I’m a member of has moved from Session to SimpleX

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